Elevate efficiency, minimize errors, and propel productivity to new heights.


Automation is the strategic application of technology to reduce human intervention in processes, thereby slashing per-unit costs, reducing errors, and maximizing operational effectiveness. It is especially crucial for organizations burdened by manual task overload, high error rates, and scalability limitations. Automation introduces speed, consistency, and reliability across operations, transforming service responses and operational efficiencies while addressing employee turnover and burnout.

Relativity excels in implementing expert automation solutions that elevate efficiency and productivity to new heights. By understanding your operational landscape, we identify and automate key processes, reducing turnaround times and error rates while enhancing compliance and customer satisfaction.

Our approach to automation ensures that your organization not only matches industry standards but sets new benchmarks, achieving peak operational scalability and cost savings.

Problem Statement

"Our organization is challenged by manual task overload, high error rates, suboptimal per-unit costs, scalability limitations, slow and inconsistent service responses, underused technology, data entry inaccuracies, document mismanagement, widespread operational inefficiencies, increasing employee turnover, burnout, and the pressing need to eclipse or match industry leaders in automation for competitive advantage."

Benefits and Outcomes

Cost Savings
Increased Earnings
Operational Scalability
Reduced Turnaround Times
Reduced Error Rates
Higher Compliance
Higher Customer Satisfaction

Success Metrics

Operational Scale Index
Direct Costs per Unit
Error and Compliance Rate
Net Promoter Score
Return on Investment

Our Process

1. Discovery

Business Case
Business Requirements
Cost-benefit Analysis

2. Design

Solution Design
UX Design
Technical Design

3. Planning

Delivery Forecast
Project Plan

4. Implementation

Progress Monitoring
Project Management

5. Testing

Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Acceptance Testing

6. Release

Alpha Release
Beta Release
Full Release

7. Optimization

Data & Feedback Collection
Cost-benefit Analysis
Continuous Iteration & Delivery

Why Choose Relativity?

Our Results

Client ROI


Client Retention

Our Culture

Our Vision

We will transform business and save many lives.

Our Mission

We deliver >$10,000,000 of business value and an ROI >700% to every client we serve.

Our Values

We act with honesty and integrity in all of our interactions and decisions.
We take things from zero to one and make consistent quantum leaps.
Customer Focus
Our top priority is delivering the best possible results to our customers.
Work Ethic
We work smart. We work hard. We work, learn, and improve continuously.
Long-term Thinking
We make the best long-term decisions and deliver the best long-term solutions.

Our Guarantee

We will not engage you as a client unless our (i) process, (ii) experience, and (iii) intuition unanimously conclude that we will be able to deliver >$10,000,000 of business value and an ROI >700% to your organization.


What are tell-tale signs that my organization needs Automation?

If your organization is dealing with outdated technology, facing inefficient processes that bog down productivity, or if growth has hit a plateau, it might be time to consider automation. Other signs include feeling the heat from competitors, grappling with a limited market reach, wrestling with regulatory complexities, or noticing significant gaps in innovation. If resource allocation feels like a constant battle, scalability seems a distant dream, or if the strategic direction is more of a question mark, automation can offer a pathway to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and open up new avenues for growth and innovation.

What is the typical timeline for seeing results from Automation?

The journey to realizing the benefits of automation typically begins immediately after the initial Discovery phase, with the implementation of automation solutions happening swiftly. Customers can expect to see incremental improvements right off the bat. Generally, the operational gains from automation become evident within the first month, offering a quick return on investment. For more transformational outcomes—those that fundamentally change processes or business models—anticipate seeing significant results within the first 12 months. This phased approach allows for immediate enhancements while setting the stage for deeper, more impactful changes over time.

What might my organization actually need, as opposed to Automation?

Based on the insights gathered from the initial Discovery phase and aligned with your strategic business objectives, your organization may find its needs extend beyond automation. Depending on the specific challenges and improvement areas identified, Relativity can tailor solutions to fit your unique situation, such as:

Process Standardization: To streamline operations and ensure consistency across all business functions, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors.
Proprietary Software Development: Crafting custom software solutions that precisely fit your business requirements, offering flexibility and competitive advantage.
Data & Business Intelligence (BI): Leveraging data analytics and BI tools to derive actionable insights, inform decision-making, and predict future trends.
Business Transformation: Undertaking a comprehensive overhaul of your business strategies, structures, and processes to address core challenges and seize new opportunities for growth.

These solutions are designed to address specific operational inefficiencies, strategic gaps, or growth opportunities, offering a tailored approach that goes beyond the scope of automation alone.

How does Relativity deliver Automation?

Relativity specializes in rolling out top-tier automation solutions designed to significantly boost your organization's efficiency and productivity. Our journey starts with a thorough understanding of your operational environment. From there, we pinpoint critical processes ripe for automation, aiming to slash turnaround times, minimize errors, and improve both compliance and customer satisfaction.

Our strategic approach to automation is about more than just keeping up with industry standards; it's about creating new ones, ensuring your organization achieves unparalleled operational scalability and realizes tangible cost savings. Following our comprehensive process—beginning with Discovery and moving through Design, Planning, Implementation, Testing, Release, and Optimization—we lay the groundwork with a process audit. This initial step allows us to deeply understand your company's strengths and pinpoint areas ripe for improvement, setting the stage for a successful automation transformation.

Why choose Relativity for Automation?

Choosing Relativity for your process standardization and optimization means selecting a partner dedicated to more than just skill and flexibility. Our foundation is built on key principles that distinguish us: integrity in every action, continuous innovation, putting our clients first, and a blend of smart and hard work. We're focused on providing not just quick fixes but comprehensive, long-term solutions that drive significant business value and return on investment.

Our commitment to streamlining efficiency and pushing the boundaries of innovation allows us to deliver exceptional value faster than our competitors. This dedication, coupled with a client-centric approach, positions Relativity as the go-to choice for companies seeking impactful and enduring improvements in their processes.