Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Transform data into profit-driving business intelligence.


Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence is about transforming vast amounts of data into strategic assets that drive decision-making, optimize operations, and propel financial growth. This service addresses the challenges of data sprawl, inconsistent metrics, and ineffective governance by consolidating data sources, ensuring quality, and providing actionable insights. It's a crucial pivot from viewing data as a cost center to leveraging it as a driver of earnings, insights, and strategic advantage.

Relativity transforms your data landscape by implementing robust data warehouses and delivering cutting-edge business intelligence solutions. We turn data into a profit-driving force, ensuring optimized data quality, improved decision-making, and data-driven earnings growth.

With our approach, your organization not only overcomes data-related challenges but capitalizes on them, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, agility, and a strong position of leadership in data utilization and strategy, supported by a solid track record of delivering comprehensive, results-driven data solutions.

Problem Statement

"Our organization contends with substantial investment in data projects yielding no tangible results, unmet business objectives due to inadequate data strategies, and unfulfilled executive management needs amidst increasing demands for data-driven decisions from the board or equity partners. We're burdened by data sprawl, metric inconsistencies, fragmented databases, and manual reporting, leading to ineffective data governance and poor data quality. This results in a significant waste of resources and an inability to effectively harness data for strategic advantage, continually hindering our operational efficiency and financial growth."

Benefits and Outcomes

Optimized Data Quality & Robustness
Time Savings
Improved Decision-making
Data-driven Earnings Growth
Organizational Agility
Peer Group Leadership
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Progress

Success Metrics

Cost Savings
Projected Monetization
Peer Group Ranking
Objectives and Milestones Reached
Return on Investment

Our Process

1. Discovery

Business Case
Business Requirements
Cost-benefit Analysis

2. Design

Solution Design
UX Design
Technical Design

3. Planning

Delivery Forecast
Project Plan

4. Implementation

Progress Monitoring
Project Management

5. Testing

Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Acceptance Testing

6. Release

Alpha Release
Beta Release
Full Release

7. Optimization

Data & Feedback Collection
Cost-benefit Analysis
Continuous Iteration & Delivery

Why Choose Relativity?

Our Results

Client ROI


Client Retention

Our Culture

Our Vision

We will transform business and save many lives.

Our Mission

We deliver >$10,000,000 of business value and an ROI >700% to every client we serve.

Our Values

We act with honesty and integrity in all of our interactions and decisions.
We take things from zero to one and make consistent quantum leaps.
Customer Focus
Our top priority is delivering the best possible results to our customers.
Work Ethic
We work smart. We work hard. We work, learn, and improve continuously.
Long-term Thinking
We make the best long-term decisions and deliver the best long-term solutions.

Our Guarantee

We will not engage you as a client unless our (i) process, (ii) experience, and (iii) intuition unanimously conclude that we will be able to deliver >$10,000,000 of business value and an ROI >700% to your organization.


What are tell-tale signs that my organization needs Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence?

Your organization might need an Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence (BI) solution if you're encountering these scenarios:

- Data is scattered across different departments in silos, making it hard to get a unified view.
- There's a noticeable lack of real-time access to key performance indicators (KPIs), leaving you always a step behind.
- Managing data feels like herding cats, resulting in inconsistent or inaccurate information.
- Spotting trends or patterns feels more like guesswork than a science, hindering strategic planning.
- Your approach to problems is more reactive than proactive, leading to missed opportunities.

Integrating BI tools can transform your operations by streamlining reporting processes, centralizing data access, and promoting a culture that prioritizes data-driven decision-making. This shift not only facilitates more informed decisions but also supports sustained business growth by leveraging the full potential of your data.

What is the typical timeline for seeing results from Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence?

The timeline for seeing results from implementing an Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence (BI) solution can vary, largely depending on the project's scope and complexity. After completing the initial Discovery phase, where specific needs and objectives are identified, the process of building, testing, and deploying the solution typically takes between 6 to 12 months. This timeframe allows for a thorough development and integration process, ensuring that the BI system is finely tuned to meet your organization's specific requirements and is capable of delivering actionable insights that drive strategic decisions and operational efficiency.

What might my organization actually need, as opposed to Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence?

Based on the outcomes of the initial Discovery phase and aligned with your strategic business objectives, your organization may find its needs extend beyond an Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Depending on the identified challenges and areas for improvement, Relativity can tailor solutions to fit your specific situation, such as:

Process Standardization: Streamlining operations to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure consistency across your organization.
Automation: Implementing technology solutions to automate routine tasks, thereby enhancing efficiency and allowing your team to focus on more strategic activities.
Proprietary Software Development: Creating custom software solutions designed to meet your unique business needs, offering flexibility and a competitive edge.
Business Transformation: Undertaking a comprehensive review and overhaul of your business strategies, structures, and processes to address fundamental challenges and capitalize on new opportunities for growth.

These alternatives or complements to Enterprise Data Warehouse & BI are designed to address specific operational inefficiencies, strategic gaps, or growth opportunities, providing a more fitting solution based on your organization's unique context and objectives.

How does Relativity deliver Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence?

Relativity reshapes your data ecosystem by setting up comprehensive data warehouses and deploying advanced Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that turn your data into a powerful asset for driving profit. Our approach ensures that your data quality is top-notch, which in turn, sharpens decision-making processes and fosters growth in data-driven earnings.

Our process starts with Discovery, where we conduct a thorough process audit to get a deep understanding of your company’s strengths and areas needing improvement. This initial step is crucial for tailoring our solutions to your specific needs. We then move through Design, Planning, Implementation, Testing, Release, and finally, Optimization phases, ensuring that every step is meticulously executed.

By choosing Relativity, you're opting for a partner that not only enhances your data management and analytics capabilities but also empowers your organization to leverage data for strategic advantage, operational efficiency, and sustained growth.

Why choose Relativity for Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence?

Choosing Relativity for your process standardization and optimization means selecting a partner dedicated to more than just skill and flexibility. Our foundation is built on key principles that distinguish us: integrity in every action, continuous innovation, putting our clients first, and a blend of smart and hard work. We're focused on providing not just quick fixes but comprehensive, long-term solutions that drive significant business value and return on investment.

Our commitment to streamlining efficiency and pushing the boundaries of innovation allows us to deliver exceptional value faster than our competitors. This dedication, coupled with a client-centric approach, positions Relativity as the go-to choice for companies seeking impactful and enduring improvements in their processes.